Polana Caniço

Rua do Golfe, 1111 – Polana Caniço B
Polana Caniço Community School is part of the Mozambican education network and provides schooling for students in grades 1-5. As a community school, it does not receive any financial help from the government beyond training for teachers and administrators. Families of children who attend this school pay token fees (MT 200 a month), which is put toward employing teachers.
Its governance is guided by a school council that consists of parents, school staff, community members and authorities.
Established in 1995 at the initiative of the neighboring community, this community school received land from the municipality and authorization from the Ministry of Education. Currently, the school serves a total of 550 students in three shifts, including an adult education class, attended mostly by women.
Our partnership is now focused on connecting the school to the electric and water systems. Our English classes continue, as well as the interaction activities between AISM and Polana Caniço students. We also plan on providing the school with additional materials and cleaning supplies to improve the learning environment of the students.