Maria Mãe Pilar

Laulane Neighborhood
Our partnership with “Beata Maria Pilar Orphanage” links AISM students with 35 orphan girls, aged 5 to 17 through various activities such as cooking, sports, cleaning, English language practice and use of computers.
The orphanage was organized and founded by the Spanish Government and operates by a Spanish religious congregation. It provides the girls with a peaceful environment, food and room so that they can have meaningful access to public education, which would otherwise be difficult for them to access.
In order to strengthen their knowledge and skills, the girls receive reinforcement classes in the afternoon at the orphanage when they are no attending regular school. AISM students and staff contribute to these classes in the areas of English and Computer skills. Maria Mãe Pilar Orphanage offers a small group of Mozambican orphans the possibility of a good education and the means to break the cycle of poverty.