International Development


This service learning project engages students in world issues. Students engage with several NGOs in Maputo and propose creative ideas to world problems.



  • To give students a better insight into the Mozambican society they live in.
  • To get young people’s perspectives on key development issues that affect the youth in Mozambique.
  • To give students a first-hand experience of the work of our three service learning partners- Asscodecha, N’Weti and Coalizao.



  • Briefing on key challenges for young people in Mozambique.
  • Field visits to a different organizations helping young people to improve their lives- whether through access to health, education, skills, or other types of information and experience.
  • Interaction with Mozambican youth engaged in these activities.
  • Report back on your views and ideas/share and debate your views with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)