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The Service Learning Program

Service learning is an educational experience where participants contribute their time and services to their community and make a positive impact on their neighborhood, their city, their country, or the world we share. At AISM, we work together with local partners to promote education, conserve the environment, share culture and arts, and develop friendships, while our students and partners teach and learn from each other. Our aim is to cultivate a culture of social responsibility amongst our students and community partners.  The goal of service learning is for meaningful interaction to become natural and instinctual for our students.

Service Learning has been a component of our school life for a number of years. With the emergence of the schools’ guiding values – ethical living, engaged learning and excellence – the opportunities delivered by our Service Learning program became crucial experiences for a holistic development of our students.

Our community partner portfolio includes 20+ organizations and projects. Several of these include construction of new classrooms in public/community schools. For example, by building two new rooms in Polana Caniço Community School, the school is able to offer two additional grades, allowing students to finish the complete primary education program and adding another 300 students to the enrolment list. Our annual interventions directly impact on more than 3,000 Mozambican youngsters, as well as educators from amongst our partner groups and our own AISM students, staff and parent volunteers.

Be part of these success stories. We have open doors to new ideas, approaches and opportunities.

Engaging Community Partners

The growing relationship between AISM and our local community, allows us to understand our own reality and that of those around us. Through efforts in providing opportunities for interaction and exchange, we are able to study situations and propose creative solutions.

Currently, AISM strives to engage community partners through educational workshops aimed at giving organizations the autonomy to succeed. Guided by the value of providing meaningful experiences, we work hand in hand with our organizations to ensure their contribution to our students’ personal development.

A Growing Team!

Throughout the years, we have seen the evident success of teamwork and collaboration. This said, we have opened our doors to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Primary Years Program (PYP), which bring great value to our program activities in the Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP).

With the PTA, we have increased our efforts in maintaining a closer communication with our community partners, in between Service Learning days. Their role has been especially felt through parent volunteers, who have assisted students and teachers with the running projects.

The ongoing involvement of PYP students is an important step to cultivating a stronger culture of community action in AISM. Through platforms where PYP students can exercise their creativity and manifest their ideas, we create a strong foundation of AISM individuals and leaders all the way through Secondary School.

Service Learning keeps growing, and counts on the collective energy and willingness of the entire AISM community.