The Power Of Grassroots Engagement

International Development is a Service Learning project that provides the students with an opportunity to learn through meaningful service. The goal of the project is to learn from NGOs and assist them to improve their facilities by providing them feedback on how they operate. The goal of the project is to attempt to learn and understand the daily challenges that people of Mozambique face, and how … Continue reading The Power Of Grassroots Engagement

Mafalala: October Session

Mafalala: October Update Beam Us Up! Words: Anna Pictures: Bernardo, Carolina, Mr. P. Today in service learning, a part of what our goal was to start working on re-doing the beams that support the roof. The specific roof that we were focusing on today was when you go through the entrance and out to the place in the middle of the building (with no roof … Continue reading Mafalala: October Session

One Step Closer To A Better World

International development, our service learning project, is one that brings students and several NGOs together in Maputo to discuss world problems and propose creative solutions.  This experience not only allows students to become more aware of the world around us, but also makes us get a better insight into the Mozambican society we live in. With this project, we get a first-hand experience of the … Continue reading One Step Closer To A Better World

The Story Gatherers of Bobole

Last night we welcomed the new comers and Kelly did a great “toast” to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Press to the team. She also welcomed all our new team members, Coralie, Poppi, Malik, Cara, Luca, Martin, to the Bobole base camp, Warwick and Colleen’s home. Today we split into 2 teams and most decided to go to the building site at the Bobole school. Four … Continue reading The Story Gatherers of Bobole

How To Get A Good Plan Going

The purpose of this project is to support the efforts of Associação comunitária Dambo da Mafalala. Specifically, we are improving a local nursery school by fixing their basic facilities and providing books and other sorts of materials for the classroom.  During our first week we focused on planning. The projects we are planning for the near future are: Electricity Improvements The building needs considerable work … Continue reading How To Get A Good Plan Going