Something New Happened Today

Something new happened today. We learned how to make origami, our nice friend Keiko knew some origami and was kind enough to show us how to make some beautiful creations. Since today was St. Patrick’s Day, we made a 4-leaf clover. The Canhoeiro kids made wonderful clovers and we were all excited to keep going. Then it was time for some freestyle. We had a … Continue reading Something New Happened Today

Great progress for Team Mafalala: Week 3

by Anna E. Photos by Carolina C. and Bernardo M. Today, during the 3rd day of Service Learning, everybody knew what to do. We all knew we had a certain time limit and our work set out for us. During the way to Mafalala we made good time and when we got there, we realized that we had plenty of time to finish what we … Continue reading Great progress for Team Mafalala: Week 3