All Nations To New Heights!

During the Service Learning day on Friday the 17th of February, the All Nations children came to AISM since it is easier to play games and have fun new experiences here than for the AISM students to travel to the All Nations Houses in Matola which have limited space and equipment. For the first time ever, we were able to invite a second All Nations … Continue reading All Nations To New Heights!

Great progress for Team Mafalala: Week 3

by Anna E. Photos by Carolina C. and Bernardo M. Today, during the 3rd day of Service Learning, everybody knew what to do. We all knew we had a certain time limit and our work set out for us. During the way to Mafalala we made good time and when we got there, we realized that we had plenty of time to finish what we … Continue reading Great progress for Team Mafalala: Week 3

Service Beyond Service Learning

It is one thing to read about the facts and statistics regarding heart disease from a book or a resource. It is another to learn about people diagnosed with the condition from the medics at ICOR. Casa Das Criancas provides the unique opportunity to the students at AISM to follow a child patient through the process of pre and post-surgery. Our goal is to learn … Continue reading Service Beyond Service Learning

The Power Of Grassroots Engagement

International Development is a Service Learning project that provides the students with an opportunity to learn through meaningful service. The goal of the project is to learn from NGOs and assist them to improve their facilities by providing them feedback on how they operate. The goal of the project is to attempt to learn and understand the daily challenges that people of Mozambique face, and how … Continue reading The Power Of Grassroots Engagement

Mafalala: October Session

Mafalala: October Update Beam Us Up! Words: Anna Pictures: Bernardo, Carolina, Mr. P. Today in service learning, a part of what our goal was to start working on re-doing the beams that support the roof. The specific roof that we were focusing on today was when you go through the entrance and out to the place in the middle of the building (with no roof … Continue reading Mafalala: October Session

The Story Gatherers of Bobole

Last night we welcomed the new comers and Kelly did a great “toast” to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Press to the team. She also welcomed all our new team members, Coralie, Poppi, Malik, Cara, Luca, Martin, to the Bobole base camp, Warwick and Colleen’s home. Today we split into 2 teams and most decided to go to the building site at the Bobole school. Four … Continue reading The Story Gatherers of Bobole