A Name, A Face and a Story

For our third the service learning day our group International Development visited another NGO: Coalizão. We were really well received and knew we would have a great and an enlightening day. We visited the Aeroporto neighbourhood, the Adeline market and Coalizão’s main office. It was really an effective learning experience for us all, as we became aware of the problems our community faces and how … Continue reading A Name, A Face and a Story

Something New Happened Today

Something new happened today. We learned how to make origami, our nice friend Keiko knew some origami and was kind enough to show us how to make some beautiful creations. Since today was St. Patrick’s Day, we made a 4-leaf clover. The Canhoeiro kids made wonderful clovers and we were all excited to keep going. Then it was time for some freestyle. We had a … Continue reading Something New Happened Today

Becoming Open-Minded

Today the International Development group went to Bairro de Chamanculo to visit one of our partners: “ASSCODECHA”. When we arrived, we were well received by the ASSCODECHA members who took us on a short tour around their center and gave us a brief overview of how they were organized and worked. After the tour, we were invited into a workshop room where we received a … Continue reading Becoming Open-Minded

All Nations To New Heights!

During the Service Learning day on Friday the 17th of February, the All Nations children came to AISM since it is easier to play games and have fun new experiences here than for the AISM students to travel to the All Nations Houses in Matola which have limited space and equipment. For the first time ever, we were able to invite a second All Nations … Continue reading All Nations To New Heights!

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The Simple Joys Of Making Friends

Today was a new today for the Service Learning Group. Sadly, there were only 2 days left and we were trying to make the most of today.  Happily, the kids came to AISM today and everyone was trying to show them to have a good time. We started off with a game, like any usual day. The game was a mixture of capture the flag … Continue reading The Simple Joys Of Making Friends

One Step Closer To A Better World

International development, our service learning project, is one that brings students and several NGOs together in Maputo to discuss world problems and propose creative solutions.  This experience not only allows students to become more aware of the world around us, but also makes us get a better insight into the Mozambican society we live in. With this project, we get a first-hand experience of the … Continue reading One Step Closer To A Better World