Something New Happened Today

Something new happened today. We learned how to make origami, our nice friend Keiko knew some origami and was kind enough to show us how to make some beautiful creations. Since today was St. Patrick’s Day, we made a 4-leaf clover. The Canhoeiro kids made wonderful clovers and we were all excited to keep going. Then it was time for some freestyle. We had a piece of A4 and we just tried to make new fun creations. Just cutting and folding.

Then another group was making homemade ice cream. We all made ice cream and we were all looking forward to it. It did not turn out so well, but we were very proud that in our first try, it did not turn into a complete disaster. Then it was time for something we have never tried before. We all knew what they were, but nobody knew how to make them. Today we were going to find out.


We went to the Sports Hall , not knowing what we were expecting. Then we saw stilts. You know the things that people walk on, in the circus. We learned how to make them and our AISM members were brave enough to want to try it. It was fun, we had a lot of chance to make jokes and we even started our own mini game of volleyball.  Then it was time to go. Even if it was a short day, we all had fun. Making friends is not hard. All you have to do is start a conversation.

By: Rosete Refojo Taverna


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