All Nations To New Heights!

During the Service Learning day on Friday the 17th of February, the All Nations children came to AISM since it is easier to play games and have fun new experiences here than for the AISM students to travel to the All Nations Houses in Matola which have limited space and equipment. For the first time ever, we were able to invite a second All Nations House to share a day of fun activities with us. This meant that we hosted over 30 All Nations children for the day.

Knowing that breakfast is a meal that is usually served later in the morning at the All Nations Houses, we prepared a drink and a healthy snack for their arrival.  As their food budget is tight, All Nations children sometimes only eat fruit once a week, so when the All Nations groups arrived, we gave the children oranges, bananas, water and juice. Then we split up into two groups: a group that wanted to play soccer and a group that went to the Auditorium to listen to some live music played by Ngugunhane Service Learning Project. The music led to dancing and before long, the All Nations children and adults were smiling and laughing and getting into the groove of the day.

After the live music came to an end, we all headed to the Primary playgrounds. For children at AISM, the playgrounds are a fact of life, an item of everyday furniture.  To the children of the All Nations Houses, the playgrounds are an amazing facility, from which they did not want to pull themselves, even for lunch!

However, the highlight of the day for the All Nations children was the swimming pool, which all but the smallest children were able to take advantage of.  They splashed around in the little pool and even went into the big pool, tempted in and closely watched over by the Lifeguards.  After playing in the pool the kids got dressed, had a final fruity snack and drink and got ready to head back to All Nations.

It was a very exciting day for everyone, especially because the All Nations children were laughing and smiling, and they seemed to be having a genuinely good time. As each of these children come from very disadvantaged backgrounds, it is really awesome that we, the All Nations Service Learning Group, have this opportunity to brighten a child’s day.  We are already looking forward to Service Learning Day 5, when the two All Nations Houses will return to AISM…


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