The Simple Joys Of Making Friends

Today was a new today for the Service Learning Group. Sadly, there were only 2 days left and we were trying to make the most of today.  Happily, the kids came to AISM today and everyone was trying to show them to have a good time. We started off with a game, like any usual day.

The game was a mixture of capture the flag and dodgeball. We were separated in for groups with a mixture of AISM students and Canhoeiro kids. It was full of running, sweating and laughing. Everything you could want in an activity outdoors.  We all had a lot of fun and everyone was looking forward to the snack and drinks.

Like any physical activity, you need to have a snack after to get some energy and rest. It was a usual snack but there was a surprise. The children at Canhoeiro made a snack for use and it was called cookie cake. Everybody thought it was delicious and we all had a good snack. There was a lot of good food to eat and everyone was having a good time so far.

Then, since we have computers, we decided to teach them how to use the computer o make a recipe book for one of the things that we have cooked before or something that they wanted to cook. We had to write it in Portuguese and everyone had a fun time learning how to us the computers and when that was over we all decided to read some books. Everyone was reading peacefully and quietly.

Then it was time to have lunch. There were enough meals for everyone and we all had a good meal and we all enjoyed the food that we had to eat. The kid’s hade a nice healthy meal with a juice box.

Sadly, it was time to go. Some members of the AISM group took the kids to the entrance. We all reflected on what we enjoyed today.

We all had a good time today and learned the same thing every time we see these kids: “ It does not take much to have fun.”


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