Great progress for Team Mafalala: Week 3

by Anna E.
Photos by Carolina C. and Bernardo M.

Today, during the 3rd day of Service Learning, everybody knew what to do. We all knew we had a certain time limit and our work set out for us. During the way to Mafalala we made good time and when we got there, we realized that we had plenty of time to finish what we wanted to do.

When we arrived to Mafalala we had several boxes of things that were gathered during the time after the second service learning and this one. There was one box of clothes – shirts, pants, toddler shoes, the second box was full of toys and art materials that they could play and use during their days, and the third box had whiteboard markers and whiteboard erasers, in different colors that they could use on their newly installed whiteboards near the entrance.

We were asked to paint the outside walls of the kitchen a dark blue color that contrasted with the light yellow color. Additionally, we also had to paint the outside windows that were above the walls of the kitchen.

The next thing we accomplished today was finishing replacing the wood holding the roof up in place. Now we feel a lot more confident with the roof because of it’s stability.

Now we need to find a way to get enough money for the electricity problem done and over with, so are brainstorming ideas for fundraising, for the time in between the next service learning day.

Furthermore we are also brainstorming ideas, on what projects we should take on, for the rest of the service learning days in 2017 and other days after that as well.


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