Service Beyond Service Learning

It is one thing to read about the facts and statistics regarding heart disease from a book or a resource. It is another to learn about people diagnosed with the condition from the medics at ICOR. Casa Das Criancas provides the unique opportunity to the students at AISM to follow a child patient through the process of pre and post-surgery.

Our goal is to learn about the cause and prevention of heart diseases and also to bring smiles to the child patients receiving treatment at ICOR.

We intend to accomplish our goal by researching about various morbidities the children suffer from and also by talking to the nurses and doctors at ICOR.

We have students ranging from 11 years to 17 years in our group since you are never too old or never too young to take care of our health and make others aware about it. For our service learning days, we visit ICOR hospital and Casa Das Criancas, where children remain during the course of their treatment. The children come to ICOR from remote areas of Mozambique.

According to a mother, she has put everything at risk and pass through difficult areas, to save the life of her child.

Some patients are as young as 4 months.

For our first Service Learning day we went to the hospital and did some case study. We also were given a talk by Ms Ana Costa about various monitors and instruments at the ward. With the small children at casa after some ice breaking activities, we played games and interacted with them.

We now have a clear idea about our goal and mission. Some students want to extend their services beyond service learning days. They intend to do this by the guidance of our teacher leaders.


Over all it is a very meaningful experience!


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