Life Is Too Short To Be Sad

It was a brand new day at Canhoeiro. New ideas, new attitudes. It was a new day and we were all excited and ready for some fun.

We started off by playing Chinese Monkey, a classic game. It was full of laughter and excitement. Chinese Monkey was a game that everyone knew and we are exited and it was a sign of goods things to come.

Then it was time to cook. We decided to create brigadeiros. It is a classic Brazilian dish that everyone enjoyed. Skittles, a small jelly filled sweet were a nice extra touch to the dish. Delicious and enjoyable were some words to describe the all exciting activity.


Crafting is a vital part of Mozambique culture and we tried to express that. We made bows with our hair out of Capulana. Even if the item is for the girls, the boys also managed to make something for their families.

Reading has always been part of the Canhoeiro plan since day one. Reading was really interesting today. Some children managed to read the book alone and in pairs as well. We felt like they enjoyed reading and we were really excited to be able to join them.

In the end, we all learnt that it does not take much to have fun. We expanded our comfort zones with new exciting activities. Life is too short to be sad. Even if you don’t have much you can still have fun  and we think that is the message that we are trying to send to the school and to the Polana Canico B. We all already excited for the next day and can’t wait to go back

Rosete Taverna


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