The Story Gatherers of Bobole

Last night we welcomed the new comers and Kelly did a great “toast” to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Press to the team. She also welcomed all our new team members, Coralie, Poppi, Malik, Cara, Luca, Martin, to the Bobole base camp, Warwick and Colleen’s home.

Today we split into 2 teams and most decided to go to the building site at the Bobole school. Four of us went to interview more members of the community.


The Story Gatherers

Today the interviewees were more reserved than before and we wondered why. Their houses in this part of the village were much further apart and you had to cross through quite a distance of hot sand to get to the next house. Also many of the inhabitants are relatively new to the area as they have moved down from the northern parts of Mozambique.

When asked to tell stories from the past, they did not want to share their stories today and kept telling us that the war is coming again.

Interesting, this time we asked them about their stories from the past and especially the war, and they wont speak of it, they say its coming back” -Taty


This was so different from about 6 months ago, where they freely told their stories of the past. It did make us realize how the current situation is affecting the people of Bobole. We also were surprised to hear from so many of them that they had no dreams of the future because they have so little now for their children that they cannot afford to dream of the future.

The drought in this area has really affected the community and one can sense the difference from a year ago.

However, there were some really engaging people we met too.

Mr. Fernando, is a charcoal maker and was very proudly explaining his trade to us. He invited us to his home and introduced us to his 5 daughters and son who is also a charcoal maker.

Mrs. Celeste was delightful and told us that in her youth she had been a dancer. We asked her to dance with us and she was very happy to do so.


The Builders

Today was very successful and productive as we finished casting the floor on one classroom entirely. We also varnished most the window frames, and we only have one window left to varnish.

Mixing cement in the heat today was hard work but we got into a good rhythm and sang to help us mix all the “daga” (cement). Malik has a lot of blisters from mixing cement and Alvaro is in charge of getting gloves for next time.

Anna and Daniella had an interesting experience when little girls in the school wanted to play with their hair and drape it over their own heads to pretend its 6 their own.

Its all really coming together and we can see that the end is in sight so that we are able to celebrate handing over the classrooms. As usual we finished off the day with a good lunch, a quick cool off and dodging the donkey. We spent some time on the veranda and reflected on where our project should go to next.

Once the classrooms are done we really need to take things to the next level. Warwick suggested linking up the students in Norway with the students in Bobole on an agricultural project and we could be the facilitators.

We need to think this through. Also the story gatherers today walked past a community well, and there are some possibilities in working together with the community in developing vegetable gardens.

We could learn from that.

We need to think creatively on how we can bring technology into the project and Malik suggested we look into smart phone packages that the teachers and students and community leaders could use to communicate with students in Norway and with us.

I was impressed with the enthusiasm to use solar energy! We can learn from them to be so proactive” -Christine

Its true, we need to think of what to do next and how we can all work together.

Thank you Paul and Christine Press for the photos. Also thank you Michaela Sorenson for the earlier pictures.

In our next issue we will tell you a bit about all the teachers and students that have been involved in the project, as well as give you an update on the next day’s work.


“The classrooms are really taking shape. Its so satisfying to see that the rooms are nearly done and we feel like we are getting somewhere.”- Kelly


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