How To Get A Good Plan Going

The purpose of this project is to support the efforts of Associação comunitária Dambo da Mafalala. Specifically, we are improving a local nursery school by fixing their basic facilities and providing books and other sorts of materials for the classroom.  During our first week we focused on planning. The projects we are planning for the near future are:

Electricity Improvements


The building needs considerable work to the electrical system. With the assistance of an electrician, we are going to improve the wiring and install additional light fixtures.

Structural Beams


There are several rotting beams which support the roof. We are going to replace them.
Kitchen Improvements
In the school, there is a small kitchen that the teachers make food to the children. They are needing an oven because they are currently cooking with charcoal burners, which is not allowed. Also, they would like a freezer, as well as other improvements to storage and food preparation areas.
Books/Material drive
We are going to do a school materials drive. We would appreciate if you could donate some pencils, crayons and Portuguese-language picture books. The students at this nursery school are between 2 and 5 years old, so they enjoy fairy tales and cultural stories related to Mozambique and South Africa. In addition, we would like to build and donate a new bookshelf to store the books and  keep them safe.


Last year, we refurbished a number of child-sized desk chairs. Several of them require additional repairs for this year.
Secondary Classroom Improvements
ABC’s alphabet and numbers from 1 – 20. For this project we will be designing educational posters to hang around the room. We will start by doing the first bit (A and 1) to see how they look and then we, as a group might do/create/make the letters and numbers. Then we will laminate them so they will look better for a longer period of time. When it is the 2nd service learning day we will put them up on the walls so they will have a little more colour to make it more homey and nice for the young children that are staying at Mafalala. The letters and numbers are going to specifically be put up in the nap room which is the second room that you come across once you’ve gone through the door.

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