First Day Of Service Learning, New Experiences

In my opinion, the first day of Service Learning is always the most important, especially when there are so many new members in our group. Our goal in our project is to help the All Nations (Todas Nações) orphanage in Matola, which includes children from various age groups. This project is a great Learning opportunity for our AISM students and the children from All Nations.

All Nations, Matola – Mozambique


From the moment we stepped on the bus, I knew this would be an amazing experience! We not only got to know the children we will work with throughout the year, but we also learned more about our own group. This experience taught us about how everyone has a different way of life and how sometimes it can be hard, especially being an orphan. This SL group has provided and will keep on providing the main things these children need to improve their daily lives as well as for the orphanage itself; this includes classroom materials, reading books, and fixing the fridge for the orphanage. Besides catering for those needs, we interact with every one of the children by talking to them, playing games, drawing, and dancing. These are examples of how we can learn from each other. Slowly we will create a stronger bond with this group and so far it looks like All Nations is off to a good start.


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