Material Things Cannot Define Our Happiness

Today was the first day of Service Learning. Canhoeiro Project was starting today and everyone looked very excited and thrilled!  We started off by going to Canhoeiro.

Canhoeiro is a small neighbourhood 10 minutes from the school. It is full of beautiful trees and people. SL seemed to be something that the children were looking forward to. The group started off by introducing themselves and received a warm welcome. The first activity was Hot Potato, one of the Canhoeiro kids won. Then we all decided to read a little bit.

We all formed small groups and read different books. There were small books to big books, long and short, thin and thick. There were books in English and Portuguese  and everyone seemed to enjoying it a lot. Some of the kids told some of their own stories and everyone was very entertained. Then, we started to do something really fun:


We started making kites, but before that, we received a detailed teaching moment from a few of the Canhoeiro kids on how to make a kite from plastic bags , strings and canico, a local material used by many Mozambicans, for several different things. After the detailed explanation, the students of AISM made kites with the help of the Canhoeiro kids and all the kites were successful and flew beautifully.

Then, there was a snack. Different juices and cookies  were served and everyone seemed to enjoy the activity. We then decided to take a walk.

The walk was a chance for the students of AISM to learn where the Canhoeiro kids lived and came from. The streets were full of life and noise and made the children feel proud of where they came from. Everyone was feeling pretty hot, but nobody complained. At one point, we stopped by the school where most of the students from Canhoeiro go to, that was named Polana Canico.

Then, it was time to say goodbye. Everybody shared what they enjoyed. Everyone had a great time and could not wait for the next Service Learning.

Everyone had fun and we all learned something important. Even if you do not have much, you can still have a lot of fun.

I learned how to do a kite just by recycling, not buying and wasting money. Using plastic bags, sticks and ropes

I learnt about different life perspective and how material things cannot define our happiness and that people with nothing make everything out of what they actually have.”


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